Our Value

In consumer society, among three layers of production, distribution and consumption, we create and control the flow of goods and services. Especially, we elaborate distribution structure scientifically, and create further revolution in the industry. Through this, we contribute to effective and valuable society.

A scheme to realize this

Three systems to achieve this.
1. Design and implement "marketing system" to connect production and consumption.
2. Design and implement "management control system" which control at higher performance level.
3. Provid the place of continuous knowledge creation by utilizing "marketing system" and "management control system" dynamically.

1. Design and implementation of marketing system

The purpose of marketing system is to fulfill customer needs and thus designed and implemented by combining management resources. Customer needs consists of both apparent and potential ones. The scope of marketing system include finding the facts and needs. Concerning management resource, among existing ones, emphasizing one which create unique and centric vale. We, based on design and implementation, put emphasis on fact data derived from business transaction. Further, we consult client about data extraction and analysis. Key component for marketing system is develop format, channel and merchandise configuration based on CRM.

2. Design and implementation of management control system

Management control system can handle resources by dividing into three layers.
First, business process management. Management of supply chain as a whole i.e.SCM, logistics system including inbound distribution from supplier, outbound distribution to sales channel. It is also important to cover social responsibility to assure safety including merchandise tractability. To realize BPM, systems such as inventory control, purchase order control, production Control, cost management, resource management, ABC cost control.
Second,organizational management. In order to acheve higher performance of organization, design function of management such as stangard and exceptional process.It is important to measure the organizational perofmance.
Third, human resource management.Brush up ability of individual, and promote to leadership.We also develop appropriate education and treatment system.

3. Provide the place of continuous knowledge creation

Recognize social responsibility through marketing, and management control we help Developing organization for continuous development of knowledge.

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